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Art, Music & the evolution of consciousness ~

Full res version of this graphic here.

We are crowdsourcing memes. Check out the awesome art that has already been created & share any that inspire you.

Freq Power Meme Factory

We’re going to be featuring a ton of music as well. Here’s the first few tracks…

Freq Power Music Playlist #1 🎶 

For the sake of transparency, in the spirit of full disclosure, to understand our motivation, this is our ethos over here…

ψ Φ We are entangled wave~particles living in mutualistic symbiosis

∴ The more you empower others, the more empowered you become.

Freq Power Ethos

Here’s a transdimensional communiqué from Buckminster Fuller…

Power Structures About To Be Rendered Obsolete ~ Buckminster Freq Power Remix

Traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete. In short, humanity has already achieved, technically, the total success all Utopians ever dreamed of; our problems now are entirely due to wrong thinking. This is only a crisis of ignorance.

Book Update

My 1500 page book is now going to be broken down into 2 books. I am pushing to get the first book out by December 10th.

If you subscribe at the annual rate, I will send you a 1st Run Limited Edition version of the book as soon as it is released.  There will only be 500 copies printed of the collector’s version. 

If you subscribe on a monthly basis, I will send you a 2nd run edition.  Word on the street is that there will be approximately 10,000 copies printed of that version.

Thank you to people who have subscribed already!! Much appreciated!!

I have your names set for a Limited Edition book.

I am going to start putting out subscriber-only content in November… would prefer to keep everything free but I have kids to feed over here… I used to think the “kids to feed” thing was silly, but these kids are growing fast & seriously have limitless appetites, and finding healthy food these days is a battle.

We have to get a hydroponic green house.



~ David DeGraw

Check the music playlist & let me know what kind of music you want to hear. It’s an eclectic crew over here… something for everyone…

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