Bi-Partisan Economic Deathblow: COVID Exploited to Implement Tyrannical Economic System

The CARES Act Is A Two-Party Multi-Trillion Dollar Looting of Taxpayer Money, Exploiting COVID to Restructure Entire Economic System, Enrich Richest 0.01% & Consolidate Their Tyrannical Control Across the Totality of the American Economy Using Taxpayer Money to Systematically Strangle American Taxpayers to Death

In this video, Dylan Ratigan & Jimmy Dore lay it out in a way that is easily understood.

Americans desperately & urgently need to understand that BOTH political parties are NOT going to defend us. In fact, leadership of both parties has become wickedly corrupt. Both parties are now controlled by a Technocratic Global Oligarchy that has launched an all-out imperial attack against us.

If you are going to instantly dismiss this as a "conspiracy theory," you are dangerously naive & putting your family at risk.

With the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, a Global Technocratic Fascist cartel has consolidated wealth & power on an unprecedented scale. They don't need or want a Middle Class that can counter their power - and they are hellbent on systematically, incrementally wiping us out!

They are exploiting the virus to carry out their attack.

The real virus is a mind virus; pathological shortsighted greed has infected the minds of power-crazed Technocratic Fascists & they are spreading fear to neutralize opposition.

People are vastly underestimating how grotesquely corrupted and dangerous our political and economic systems have become. We have to overcome the divide & conquer PSYOPS now!!

Turn off your TV & radio, and please stop reading "newspapers" like the NY Times & Washington Post; they are all bought off Technocratic propaganda operations that are distracting, dividing & misinforming us in brutally destructive ways...

We have to think strategically & organize to defend our families!!

Things are going to get MUCH WORSE before they get better. We are under attack!!

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