Bill Gates: Bio-Terrorist, Vaccine Profiteer & Enemy of the American People ~ Part 1

Time to rip the philanthropic mask off & expose Bill Gates' Crimes Against Humanity.

Here's the first in a new series of videos

Here’s my corresponding Facebook post:

To be clear, Bill Gates is 1 piece of the Techno-Fascist puzzle / attack against us. DARPA, NSCAI, GAVI, leaders of Pfizer, Glaxo, & Merck, & various other agencies & elements within the surveillance state, as has been extensively reported on in previous posts - several featured here.

In investigating all of this, I have run into a buzzsaw of censorship & need to confront the confusion & smear campaigns that are designed to discredit people trying to expose Gates.

I watched & posted about CNN's interview w/ Gates where they mindlessly laugh off "conspiracy theories" about Gates, will also link to that in comments below. That interview was a tragic segment which shows all with critical-thinking skills that CNN has absolute ZERO journalistic credibility.

The most tragic part is that millions of well-meaning, good-hearted Americans watch propaganda like that & then just dismiss all vital info on Gates & aligned interests as "conspiracy theory." This is a difficult hurdle to overcome.

A quick point that urgently needs to be understood, many "fact-checking" companies are funded by Bill Gates, Big Pharma & the surveillance state, PolitiFact is a primary astroturf "fact-checker." There are many others, including funding for Facebook "fact-checkers."

We are doing the best we can to gather rock solid sources. That being said, many sources are being deleted from the internet. To give you a sense of what we are up against, NSCAI is chaired by Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google & their parent company Alphabet. The all-out censorship & suppression of vital information is a very serious threat & obstacle.

Add into all that, the deliberate spread of false conspiracy theories that are very effectively playing on individual confirmation biases. We are in a shitstorm of confusion & division... this is an all-out information war by techno-fascists who are highly sophisticated and dominate the mainstream media & large online companies.

I have people who I have personally known for years who are either ignoring my posts about this or are criticizing me thinking I've gone crazy, which, to be clear, I do understand where they are coming from. What is happening to our country right now is extremely hard to believe & comprehend. As I keep saying, evil has become so evil that people can't even comprehend how evil it is.

For the growing number of you who are also putting some of the pieces together, SPEAK UP NOW... don't let the misinformation & confusion of friends & loved ones dishearten or slow you down in any way...

We don't have much time. We have to start effectively organizing... we are being boxed in. I honestly don't even know if this info-war & bio-attack against us is something we can overcome. All I do know, is that I am not going along w/ any of this w/out a full-on non-violent counter-offensive.

Everything that is happening is a surreal tragedy... make no mistake, we are once again confronted w/ fascism.

This video is just a quickly edited cut-up from a two-hour doc called, "Who Is Bill Gates?," which was courageously made by one person, James Corbett, who is also being wrongfully discredited, as is anyone who speaks out in an effective way. James has done a good job of documenting sources for all the critical points made throughout the video, will also link to it below.

It is hard to counter people's criticisms on every short social media post. The comment section quickly turns into a shitstorm & you can't even tell people to just go do research on their own because when you search many key points Google gives you a bunch of bogus info discrediting the issue & they feature fake fact-checkers at the top of the results.

We need to quickly establish our own think tank style organization, random individuals, like myself, working w/ a small group of people, with minimal resources, is clearly not going to be enough. Obviously we need to keep hammering away one pebble at a time, but if anyone wants to help form a think tank of some kind, I am def open to it.

Yet again, I am just ranting off the cuff, for too long... in a post on a heavily suppressed profile... boxed in... need to be more strategically effective... hope this helps, will prob fire off a few more ASAP...

With much love, respect & gratitude for anyone who comprehends any aspect fo this... Keep speaking up!!

David DeGraw

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