Crimes Against Humanity: Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Propaganda Networks, Captured Agencies & Paid Off Politicians

2 New Videos & Vital Info On Censorship

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"Bill Gates is giving a DTP vaccine to every child in Africa, and is killing kids at 10 times the rate as unvaccinated kids will die. He has in his hands scientific studies by the highest scientific authorities in the world that say that vaccine is killing more children than diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis combined ever did....

He is giving mercury vaccines to every kid in Africa when we’ve banned them in the United States because we know that they cause brain damage because the Institute of Medicine said they are dangerous and they should not be given to human beings.

And yet, he is giving them to every kid in Africa. Somehow, under his watch, the W.H.O. [World Health Org] chemically castrated a million Kenyan women with a hormone that was put in tetanus vaccines deliberately, and given to women deliberately....

Nobody is talking about this because the pharmaceutical industry exercises control over political leaders, all of the institutions in a democracy that were set up in order to protect vulnerable little children from greedy corporations have been neutralized. The agencies that are supposed to protect us and protect our children from bad products have been completely co-opted. They are captive agencies....

The CDC is now one of the biggest vaccine sellers in the world, distributors. The CDC distributes $4.9 billion worth of vaccines a year, so about half of its budget goes to distributing vaccines, and it is basically integrated with the industry, a major conflict of interest.

The CDC, FDA and NIH all own vaccine patents. Every vile of Gardasil that is sold, money goes to NIH, and those agencies are making tens of millions of dollars selling the vaccines that they are supposed to be regulating.

The FDA gets 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies. The World Health Organization gets over 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies.

If you include Bill Gates it is even more than that, which is 10%, one out of every $10 comes from Gates, who is the biggest vaccine producer and maker in the world.

You have a conflict with the agencies. Congress has been bought off, because pharmaceutical companies spend double what the next biggest lobbyist spends on congress, but most importantly is the press...

Rupert Murdoch owns the biggest vaccine company in Australia. His family has been deeply immersed in that industry for generations, and he has partnerships with Glaxo and with all the big vaccine makers. He is one of the present enforcers worldwide, but in our country Roger Ailes told me, “During non-election years, during certain times of the year, 70% of my advertising revenues from my news station, my evening news broadcast comes from pharma.” He said, “typically there’s about 22 ads on the evening news and 17 of those are pharmaceutical ads.”

Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer. Erin Burnet is sponsored by Pfizer. NBC Nightly News is sponsored by Merck. That’s why you see them constantly pushing flu shots, measles shots, alarming people about diseases, and about the horrendous threat of infectious diseases, and never allowing any discussion about vaccine side effects on any of those networks. It is completely forbidden. Now that gestalt has infiltrated the entire media industry in our country.

They need to shutdown debate. They need to call me an anti-vaxxer, which I am not, because that marginalizes me, it discredits me. It makes them say, 'he is in that category, therefore he is dangerous. We need to protect the public from dangerous thoughts, and therefore it is justifiable.' We will allow people to go on TV, to write editorials condemning him, and not allow him to defend himself’….

No news organization will even allow me to print a letter to the editor, much less an editorial. I’m not allowed to go on TV... on the network news, because it is owned by pharma, and what that does, is it reinforces their entire political control.

Any politician who expresses any kind of dissent against the orthodoxies on this issue, their careers are immediately destroyed." ~ Robert Kennedy Jr., the most wrongfully discredited person alive!!

As I know from intense personal experience, when you can defend Americans in a way that unites people across the political spectrum, you will be attacked, smeared & wrongfully discredited by the corrupt & powerful predatory interests that you are exposing.

In this outrageously dangerous time of crisis, when we don't have any effective leadership defending the American people, or any that can be trusted, the 1 leader that I will get into the trenches with, knowing that intense fire will come along with that, is Robert Kennedy Jr..

If anyone with minimal critical-thinking skills actually pays attention to his work, you will see that he knows exactly what he is talking about; and it will be obvious to you that the smear campaigns against him are bogus. He has done extensive due diligence on the most critical issues presently confronting us & in the face of intense opposition, continues to courageously speak truth to power.

He is a brilliant lawyer who runs the Waterkeeper Alliance & the Children's Health Defense. NO ONE has done more to effectively defend our children, healthy water supplies & this country than he has. That is why he is so intensely smeared by corrupt predatory global interests. HEAR HIM OUT!!

This is the 1st in a series of videos that I will be posting featuring him concisely summing up one of the key aspects of THE WAR AGAINST US...

Bill Gates, 5G & Tyrannical Control Over Our Lives...

Bill Gates & Big Pharma “Fact” Checkers Exposed

The Bill Gates & Big Pharma “fact” checkers have just fully exposed themselves censoring & suppressing info on effective COVID treatments... yet again. Once again proving their profits are more important than American lives!!

Any treatments that Gates & Big Pharma can’t cash in on are censored. For those of you keeping score at home, here is some vital background info on our astroturf Big Bro Algo...

Bill Gates is the world’s largest vaccine producer. Under the guise of philanthropy, Gates has doubled his net worth by personally making tens of billions of dollars in vaccine profiteering, with a self-proclaimed “20 to 1 Return On Investment.”

Gates is a leading funder for the World Health Org & the CDC. Those agencies are now the marketing arms of his vaccine empire.

Gates also maxed-out in donations to Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff’s PAC.

In February 2019, Schiff wrote to Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Pinterest, demanding they censor vaccine “misinformation,” a term meaning all science & skepticism critical of big Pharma propaganda about vaccine safety or efficacy - whether true or not.

Facebook & Pinterest said that they will rely on Gates’ funded WHO & CDC to say which online statements are “misinformation or hoaxes.”

Facebook & Google hired “FactChecker” (Politifact) to censor vaccine “misinformation.”

The Gates Foundation is “FactChecker’s” largest funder.

In his article, “Fact Checker, a Propaganda Device,” investigative journalist Jeremy Hammond concludes, “Facebook is guilty of misinforming its users about vaccine safety… They have no problem with lies about vaccine safety and effectiveness, as long as it’s intended to persuade parents to vaccinate their children.”

On May 4, 2017, FactChecker declared false Del Bigtree’s statement, “Vaccines include aluminum and mercury, which are neurotoxins, and vaccines cause encephalopathy.”

FactChecker explained, “Current data show vaccines are safe and do not cause toxicity or encephalopathy.”

However, on Big Pharma’s own vaccine manufacturer’s inserts they reveal that many vaccines contain aluminum and mercury, and cause encephalopathy.

In addition to all these FACTS, major funding to NPR & PBS buy Gates biased coverage from public media & Big Pharma advertising dollars are the largest revenue-driver for cable news & nightly network news programs.


PSYOP Tactics 101:

Anything that goes against the "official" mainstream media COVID narrative is intensely, falsely "debunked" by Gates / Big Pharma funded fake science, fake journalism & fake "fact" checkers, and given a "Pro-Trump" label to manipulate the left into dismissing reality & cheering on their own demise.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like Trump, at all.

However, I don't let my emotions blind me to reality. There are effective treatments for this virus & they are being suppressed because Gates & Big Pharma cannot cash in on them. They are letting Americans die as a result!!

They want to keep everyone in a state of fear so they can get you to take their highly-profitable surveillance state vaccines. YES, that sounds crazy... because it is!! These people are power-crazed population control maniacs.

Please people, look at the horrific "vaccine" profiteering that they have engaged in throughout the world. They are responsible for millions of deaths & millions of people w/ paralysis, cognitive disorders, sterilized... the list is looooooong... the evidence of their worldwide atrocities is horrific.

Please, for your family's sake, do not listen to the CDC. It is a completely captured & utterly corrupt agency!!

It is outrageously upsetting & highly disturbing to see so many people being fooled by Gates / Big Pharma propaganda.


Out of complete love & respect to the left, Trump is NOT your only enemy. There are more powerful forces running the show. Trump just gave $1.2 Billion to Bill Gates' GAVI, which is a wickedly evil global vaccine surveillance organization that has terrorized Africa & India... and they are coming for all of us now!!





I know I sound crazy, most people are too naive & good-hearted to comprehend the evil we are confronted by... I honestly feel like I am living in NAZI Germany & watching good people blindly follow genocidal maniacs.

Go ahead "good" Americans... get pissed off and/or just dismiss me... "good" people prefer comforting lies to disturbing truth... and truth has become disgustingly disturbing!!

In closing, I am working w/ a small team of people who are volunteering their time to help investigate & publish the most vital info on these quickly unfolding issues.

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Much Gratitude & Respect,

~ David DeGraw