How to Avoid World War III – Detain Fauci, Gates, Fink & Schwab Now

Open Letter to the American people, SOCOM & USMS SOG Service Members

We don’t have much time left.  They are going to start World War III as a pretext for a draconian global lockdown. It is going to be an all-out fascist police state crackdown on freedom worldwide with the U.S. as the primary target.

We are going to be without power and basic necessities are going to be systemically suppressed, as they have already been doing by disrupting supply lines and cargo shipments, and the several months-long policy of paying farmers to destroy their crops.

Everything that has been done and is presently unfolding is tactical destabilization 101. All the systemic attacks to destroy our economy and undermine our abilities to make a living and obtain basic necessities –- under the guise of “public health” -- are all destabilization tactics that have been strategically deployed many times before against Middle Eastern, Latin American and other oppressed countries around the world. It is textbook imperial control.

Under the guise of “public health,” we’ve been placed under heavy sanctions. Our societal systems have been strategically undermined and weaponized against us.

The fact that the military is allowing such a huge buildup of ships around our country should tell you all you need to know about the compromised chain of command.  It is such an obvious major National Security threat on many levels, and no one is doing anything about it - think about that!

Meanwhile, the Southern border has been completely opened and there is credible intel that terrorists have crossed over, and are still coming in, to primarily target critical infrastructure.

Also, look at the absurdly botched exit of Afghanistan where 13 of our soldiers were unnecessarily killed, and they even gave the Taliban $85 BILLION in weapons.

And now, they are discharging hundreds of thousands of military service members!!

The Total Force nanotech injection mandate is the greatest failure of military leadership in the history of this country.

Thousands of our most elite fighting forces -- who are aware enough to know that the injections do much more harm than good -- are now being deemed undeployable as global tensions escalate!!


This is the most devastating attack against us in our nation’s history.

In addition, tens of thousands of police, doctors, nurses, EMS, fire fighters, teachers, truckers, pilots, on and on and on… are losing their jobs.

They are firing massive numbers of workers across every sector of the economy, and particularly targeting our of most critical societal services. 

Think about it… the nanotech injections are now proven to be ineffective and harmful, and the FDA just overwhelming voted to reject booster shots by a 16 to 3 vote, yet they are still trying to enforce mandates for people to take them or lose their livelihood and ability to participate in society.

The only people still left working in critical societal services now are going to be double and triple vaxxed with more shots being forced upon them – and they are the people who are going to need the most help!

It is getting worse by the day, they are coming for our kids now!! 

Parents who speak out against having their children injected with proven harmful mRNA nanotech that hacks into and degrades immune systems -- for a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate for children -- are being targeted by the FBI now. 

This is a straight up fascist NAZI attack!! 

We are being incrementally, tactically systemically slaughtered!

As we had many active duty soldiers and highly decorated veterans tell you in our 4-hour crowdsourced documentary, the United States is under attack and the attacks will soon escalate into a hot war across our homeland.


You have to understand the present battlefield. 

Here are some key facts to consider:

1) Even with the draconian mandates, a solid percentage of the healthy fighting-age population is not going to take a proven ineffective and harmful weaponized vaxx.

2) The overwhelming majority of soldiers and Special Forces are not going to go along with enforced mandates based on their oath to the Constitution – watch our video featuring many of them, and go ask them personally about our present crisis and see what they tell you.  They know what is happening and they are ready to roar… operationally, and it cannot happen quickly enough.

3) Overwhelming evidence of blatant systemic Crimes Against Humanity are becoming more widely-known with each passing day. As previously mentioned, even the FDA has now overwhelming rejected booster shots. In addition, many countries are now banning the mRNA injections due to rampant side effects, primarily blood clots and heart complications, and aggressive cancers are starting to break out in “vaccinated” people. The most detailed assessments estimate over 150,000 deaths already. We will soon be hitting a critical mass tipping point across the U.S. as they try to attack our children with these shots now.

4) 7,800+ Doctors and Scientists have recently signed a declaration accusing COVID policymakers of "Crimes Against Humanity" for “authoritarian” strategies that have resulted in “needless illness and death.”

5) They have already systemically KILLED well over two million people by suppressing well-proven life-saving treatments while enforcing now proven harmful treatments like Remdesivir and the mRNA nanotech injections.

6) And now, state representatives are calling for decertification of election results after audits are showing obscene fraud all over the place.

Bottom line, the “New World Order” cabal is now on the ropes and the “official” narrative is exponentially collapsing, which means we are all now in a very dangerous position.

They are on the verge of losing everything.  Therefore, they are going to do everything in their power to hit us as hard as they can. 

They are going to try to provoke World War III as a last-ditch effort to avoid accountability and life in prison.

Based on every assessment that I’ve seen, I firmly believe that the U.S. is going to be attacked very soon, with private mercenaries and China as the NWO’s primary proxies, as we outlined in our statement and video.

The American people are the last line of defense for freedom worldwide because we have the most powerful civilian military and the most well-armed population.  We have a huge target on our back. 

If we don’t strategically and surgically fight back right now, they are going to slaughter us!!

To all those people who have been just going along to get along, you have to stop complying now.  This is not going to end well.  They want to kill us off.

They have already systemically attacked us. They are attacking us from all directions. 

The time for wishing and hoping that this will all just go away is over. 

The lockdowns and mandated incremental death injections are not going away, and the lockdowns will soon be brutally escalated.

We are on the precipice of all-out fascist control and mass depopulation on a scale never seen before.

We must take strategic action now!!

This is why members of the U.S. Marshals Service Special Operations Group (USMS SOG) and U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) need to urgently stand up in defense of your oath and the American people by detaining these fascist globalist terrorists now, before the continental U.S. goes dark and the imperial private military is unleashed against us.

Make no mistake, we have their puppet in the White House strategically working against the American people. There are more than enough people and highly skilled service members who know the score.


We have a critical mass of public support and solid momentum now… but time is definitely not on our side.

We are calling upon all active duty military, Special Forces, law enforcement and veterans to stand by your Constitutional oath and defend the American people by detaining Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Larry Fink and Klaus Schwab, as a first step in restoring Constitutional accountability.

To be 100% clear: We are not in any way calling for violence. 

We are doing everything we can to avoid violence and chaos. 

We want operational detainment and Crimes Against Humanity prosecutions so the evidence can be proven in court and we can restore the rule of law in a Constitutional manner. 

You are freedom’s last line of defense!

The American people are freedom’s last line of defense!

The continental U.S. is now the frontline of WWIII.

Forget about defending Taiwan, that is a much lower strategic priority right now, and it is a deliberate distraction.

We need our military laser-focused on detaining these terrorists and defending the homeland RIGHT NOW.

We urgently need every cargo ship inspected and processed!

We need all critical infrastructure heavily fortified and defended immediately!!  

They are doing everything they can to systematically and systemically incite widespread desperation.  They want chaos to erupt so they can unleash a brutal crackdown against us under the guise of “protecting people.” 

As the United States Supreme Court has deemed, it is up to you, the individual, to disobey unlawful, unconstitutional orders.

You cannot legally defend yourself by saying you were following orders.

You will be personally held accountable for your actions, so please think very carefully about the urgently critical situation we are all in.

You are now on the frontlines of World War III, and you have to decide which side of history you will be on.

Clearly, I have made my decision and I am boldly speaking out; risking everything to defend our country, as are many other patriots who have swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the American people.

To the American people, we must all calmly begin full-scale preparations now.

Be smart, organize your community, form your own survival unit.

Join with your local Sheriff and law enforcement, if possible.  Not every Sheriff is aware of the situation, but most are, as we featured in our video

If your local law enforcement is not aware, calmly and respectfully do your best to inform them and then assess the situation for yourself.

You can no longer defer and wait for others to lead in defending you and your family.

It is up to you!

We have to keep the peace and restore accountability as surgically as possible.

If this is my last post and public statement, I love you all.

I don’t want everything to escalate any further.

We have to detain these terrorists NOW.

Time is not on our side!!

Start full-scale preparations.

Much respect & love,

Keep The Peace,

~ David DeGraw


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