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We created this new 2-hour crowdsourced video to concisely reveal how COVID-19 is being exploited to implement a tyrannically oppressive economic, "health" & surveillance system, which amounts to the evolution of technocratic control:

* Ha, YouTube has already proved their “willfull blindness” & complicity by wrongfully blocking this video. I am currently working with a lawyer to get it cleared. You can watch the BitChute version here… also posting it to Facebook here.

UPDATE 8/14: Victory!! We got the video unblocked / cleared on YouTube - here it is:

Going up against both political parties and mainstream media narratives has been a very challenging career-long battle, which I have paid a heavy price for.  It has never been a more heartbreaking and overwhelming challenge than it is right now, yet it has never been more critically important than it is right now.

Most people -- even the more politically-aware people that I know -- are vastly underestimating how utterly corrupt the mainstream media, large online companies & BOTH political parties have become. In a sea of fear-driven chaos, far too many people are still putting partisanship & groupthink before critical thinking & the incredibly hard work it takes to get to unifying actionable truth.

Psychological Operations experts are manipulating confirmation biases more effectively than ever.  Mass produced divide & conquer propaganda is more intense than ever. If large demographics of people, across established groups throughout the entire political spectrum, agree with you, this is now a clear sign that you are moving in the wrong direction.

The Republican Party is leading conservatives into an oppressive trap. The Democratic Party is leading liberals into an oppressive trap. Both parties are now dominated by Technocratic Fascists. In addition, it is important to point out that PSYOP-driven conspiracy theories are also a significant factor in leading independent-minded people into a trap.

We are confronted by the evolution of fascism. There is a very well-financed all-out information war against us!

I have spent my entire career, over two decades, reporting on political & economic corruption, which has been ultimately focused on exposing mainstream media propaganda and psychological operations.

Whether it was all the lies regarding the Iraq War & the War on Terror overall, the trillions of dollars in unaccounted for military spending, the trillions of dollars in financial fraud, the looting of the Treasury via "bailouts" & Federal Reserve operations, the deliberate economic policies which oppress 99% of the population while enriching the global elite at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers, the capturing of governmental agencies by the predatory global interests that they are supposed to be protecting us from, the system of political bribery that has led to the utter corruption of both political parties... the list is long… and horrific.

However, I have never witnessed anything as corrupt & EVIL as what is unfolding right now. We are being systematically led to slow motion incremental enslavement.

In over two decades of analyzing PSYOPS, I have never seen a more insidious, effective and all-pervasive attack, which is manipulating individual-specific confirmation biases with highly sophisticated strategic methods.

Due to our cell phone, social media, online activities and credit card usage, these Technocratic forces have weaponized big data to create psycho-metric profiles with thousands of data-points on every adult America; and they are now deploying our personal information against us on an unprecedented scale.  

Though the attacks are much more sophisticated now, the use of incessantly repetitious mainstream TV messaging is still the foundation of their operations. This ethos, which Madison Ave and political propaganda were built on, is still the backbone and foundational component: If you just keep up the exposure rate, people will be effectively influenced.   

Teleprompter-reading “news”casters and high-paid pundits who repetitiously recite well-crafted talking points, packaged propaganda and scripted lies are complicit and must be held accountable for their pivotal role as well.

As I did back in 2010, with my series of reports on The Economic Elite Vs The People of the Unites States, which served as the launch of the 99% Movement and helped give rise to Occupy Wall Street, I am currently working with a group of people on a new activism campaign & extensive report, which is tentatively titled: The Technocratic Elite Vs Humanity.

They will focus attention on, and concisely lay out, as the video does, well-sourced information on the following highly controversial, yet absolutely critical points, which -- for our families’ sake -- need to be urgently understood:

#1) The coronavirus is being exploited to implement a tyrannically oppressive economic, “health” and surveillance system, which amounts to the evolution of technocratic fascist control.

#2) Leaders of the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health (NIH), White House COVID Task Force, various pharmaceutical companies, DARPA, NSCAI, various elements within the surveillance state, and the Gates Foundation are perpetrating Crimes Against Humanity. 

#3) In coordinated partnership with those organizations, mainstream media companies, large social media companies and Google, have, at the very least, clearly demonstrated “willfull blindness” and  criminal-negligence, and thereby are complicit in Crimes Against Humanity for propagating unscientific messaging under the guise of “science,” while censoring life-saving information on several effective COVID treatments, which has and continues to result in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people.

#4) The total number of COVID-related deaths is significantly exaggerated. Hospitals have been financially incentivized to report as many COVID deaths as possible, and to put patients on ventilators, which, in many cases, is killing them.  Meanwhile, due to corruption-driven policies, many needed surgeries and medical procedures have been delayed causing significant unnecessary suffering for tens of thousands of people.

#5) The collateral damage due to the deliberately exaggerated virus response has led to many more “deaths of despair” than actual COVID-related deaths, with skyrocketing increases in the rates of debt, impoverishment, hunger, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, overdose and suicide. Meanwhile, there has been an unprecedented wealth gain and consolidation within the economic top 0.1%, primarily driven by the CARES Act and Federal Reserve operations.

#6) PCR COVID tests amount to scientific fraud and have produced a statistically significant percentage of false positives, which serves as a pivotal strategic false metric driving lockdown policies and fear-driven propaganda.

#7) The mass “vaccination” program is extremely dangerous and an unprecedented threat to the health of the entire global population. The overwhelming majority of vaccines are not properly tested and it has been proven that they generally cause significantly more harm than the diseases that are supposedly protecting us from.  To think that we are going to get a quick and safe vaccine to cure COVID is obscenely reckless and unscientific.

Big Pharma companies -- such as Pfizer, Merck, Glaxo Smith and Sanofi -- are drug and “vaccine” profiteers who have funded propaganda campaigns, specifically on television news programs and social media, while also funding astroturf / fake science and physician training programs, to give people a dangerously false impression as to the safety and efficacy of their products. 

In addition, Big Pharma spends twice as much money lobbying and funding politicians than any other industry.  These corrupt activities have given them legal immunity and indemnification protections against tens of millions of people who have been seriously injured by their products. 

In fact, these companies have made hundreds of billions of dollars prescribing drugs to treat diseases, which they know their “vaccines” cause.  This amounts to a criminal profiteering racket that must be held accountable and prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.    

In this series of reports and the corresponding activism campaign, we will present many non-partisan, well-credentialed medical experts and scientists, in addition to governmental, Non Government Organization (NGO) insiders, health practitioners and lawyers who are courageously risking their careers to blow the whistle, spread the truth and defend our country and the global population against this Techno-Fascist attack.

The Technocratic-Fascist Complex is primarily composed of leaders from both political parties, big pharma, big tech, mainstream media companies, the surveillance state, the Federal Reserve, their primary dealer banks, several global central banks and a network of international finance, “health” and NGO organizations.   

While this network is vast and is composed of thousands of individuals, the de facto leader and primary publicly known strategist behind this attack is Bill Gates, who is working in close partnership with various elements within the surveillance state and U.S. and E.U. governments.  

In closing, to reiterate, based upon the evidence we will present throughout this series, all of the above are perpetrating Crimes Against Humanity and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A Warning to the American People

As the election quickly approaches, as severe economic desperation spreads at an unprecedented in American history rate & scale, as nefarious techno-fascist interests stoke and incite division, looting and violence throughout our country, as virus fear propaganda continues to spread, a significant percentage of our population will soon be begging for authoritarian order. People will line up for their surveillance state "vaccines."

We are trapped in a dystopian PSYOP. The economy has been destroyed. The Treasury has been looted. Make no mistake, all hyperbole aside, this is in effect WWIII and we are occupied by NAZI-style fascist forces.  We are confronted with the evolution fascism.

I do not type a single word without careful consideration.

Most people are too naïve and goodhearted to grasp the evil that is spiraling around us.  Evil has become so evil that people can’t even comprehend how evil it is.

Given all the exaggerated, deliberate and covertly organized stoking of division amongst the civilian population and fear over the virus, ongoing and incrementally increasing martial law will continue to wreak havoc on our lives while acts of chaos and violence, and perhaps acts of bio-terrorism, violent terrorism in general and war crimes break out.  

This coming election will most likely become a highly dangerous fiasco. We must strategically prepare and take urgent precautionary measures to defend our families.

I am fully aware that I will be heavily criticized for posting this, but the main point must be clearly understood: prepare to defend your families.  

Think in terms of measured defense. Do not overreact or panic. It is strategically advised to maintain peace and compassion for others.  

I am confident with knowledge, forewarning and widespread dissemination of vital information, cooler heads and sanity will ultimately prevail.

However, time is not our side. The hour is late!

The window of opportunity to effectively fight back via non-violent methods is quickly closing. Do whatever you can do to organize with your community, spread awareness and defend your family.

We have solid common ground to unite around. Those stoking division, confusion, lawlessness & violence will ultimately be held accountable for their actions.  

Even though there are power-crazed global interests and fascist intelligence factions, the overwhelming majority of the people working within the U.S. Intelligence Community are firmly committed to defending the American people. 

These courageous men and women are upholding their sworn oath to “defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Many of them are prepared and have already begun counter-operations to circumvent the small number of corrupt leaders who are perpetrating Crimes Against the American People. 

As extreme and intense as all of this is, it could very well be a tipping point toward greater government and corporate accountability, which will lead to an increase in overall prosperity. In many ways, we see this as the last phase of imperial overreach and the collapse of the corrupted system; out of which the seeds for a more just and thriving era will ultimately lead to a significantly improved overall quality of life.

It is always darkest just before the dawn.

Love & Peace to All,

~ David DeGraw

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