U.S. Army Special Ops SGT Blows Whistle on COVID Medical Response

MUST SEE VIDEO from U.S. Army Special Operations-Civil Affairs & Commendation Medal winner SGT Erin Marie Olszewski, who served in Iraq & then worked in Elmhurst NY hospital during height of COVID.

This is the most accurate intel from hospital frontlines that I have seen! There are effective COVID treatments that are being suppressed. Americans are being killed as a result!!

Thank you for your continued service Erin!!

Where are all the other soldiers defending the American people?

This virus is a front for a Techno-Fascist attack on our country!!

Dear Veterans & Active Duty Soldiers,

They have brought the war to YOUR HOME.

Congrats on serving overseas... but... what are you doing now that YOUR OWN COUNTRY IS UNDER ATTACK?

Are you hiding in quarantine w/ your mask on?

Don't be an imperial order-following puppet!!


Watch the video linked below before the Techno-Fascists delete it. We are losing the info-war... badly!!


Semper Fi

~ This was a post I made to Facebook.

This was Erin’s quick response:

“Thank you for sharing, David. You are exactly right, where are all the veterans standing up to protect our country? We fight to serve & protect the freedom of the United States. 🇺🇸” 

Here’s another post that I just made:

Know Your Enemy: The Techno-Fascist Complex is fueled by big tech, big pharma, the surveillance state, global bankers, both political parties & the mainstream media. COVID is being exploited to implement the most oppressive AI-driven surveillance, economic & “health” system ever.

We are now trapped in a global PSYOP & many of the most good-hearted & well-meaning people are the most infected by this imperial-driven mind virus. 99% of humanity is being downgraded & enslaved. This is all in effect WW3. The fate of human freedom, of what it means to be a human, is at stake right now!

There are effective COVID treatments that are being suppressed. I would advise everyone to go back to living a social life & would organize people for massive rallies, but once we do that they will unleash an army of saboteurs & will most likely hit us w/ another bio-attack.

They are going to try to keep us trapped into an existence of fear until we all submit to their vaccinations & authoritarian order. As economic desperation spreads & techno-fascist forces continue to stoke looting, violence & overall societal unrest, this will become a vicious cycle that will cause a large % of the population to willfully submit to authoritarian order.

The all-out censorship & suppression of vital information is insuring our demise. We must intensively escalate our info-war counter-offensive actions now. As bad as suppression of vital info has been, it is going to get more intense in coming weeks!!

If you are aware enough to be reading this right now, as horrifying & difficult as this all is, it is your duty & obligation to your family, community, country & humanity to STEP UP NOW!!!!

Post as much vital info as possible. Be compassionate & respectful to people who criticize you, they are scared, confused & have been saturated in divisive propaganda.

Form groups to help coordinate & hone messaging. Meet w/ people in your community or at least do Zoom or Skype style calls.

Drink as much clean water as possible, eat well, try to get 6 hours of sleep, get outside, exercise for an hour a day... this is a war & you are now a frontline soldier... humanity needs you!!

✌️ & ❤️

~ Just another quick rant while on the go... making significant progress!!

I am working w/ a small team of people who are volunteering their time to help investigate & publish the most vital info on these quickly unfolding issues.

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Much gratitude & respect,

~ David DeGraw