Fact Checking the "Fact" Checkers & Why the MSM is Censoring Thousands of Doctors & Scientists

3 New Posts: Video, Vital Info & Some Comic Relief

Fact Checking the "Fact" Checkers, Exhibit 1775

As previously reported, most popular "fact" checking companies, such as "FactChecker" / Politifact, are funded by Bill Gates & Big Pharma, with vital political support from Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, whose SuperPAC is flooded with cash from Gates & Big Pharma. In addition to these fake checkers / astroturf censors, another deceptive pseudo-debunker & powerful censor has emerged, "Reuters Fact Check."

To be clear, I have a positive relationship with some people whose insightful investigative reporting has been funded & featured on Reuters. As with most everything else, there are always good people who work for companies that have upper management & board members who have nefarious agendas. That all being said, Reuters Fact Check is proving to be a highly manipulative operation.

To highlight one of many recent examples -- a vitally important example -- their failed & bogus debunking attempt of Dr. Andrew Kaufman's reporting on DNA / gene-altering vaccines, which, in fact, does create Genetically Modified Humans.

Yes, Mr. Monsanto, aka Bill Gates, is not only a major funder of poisonous GMO foods, he is also now a major funder of DNA-altering / gene-"editing" vaccines.

I’ll report on their “vaccine”-delivering army of Genetically Modified Mosquitos at a later date. For now, in this video, Spiro Skouras interviews Dr. Kaufman to expose the bogus "fact" checking censorship, which caused their previous interview to be wrongfully deleted from YouTube.

This video is filled with incredibly important FACTS, please take 40-minutes to hear them out. It may, in fact, save you & your family from serious harm…

"Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans"

Time to let out some controlled rage in defense of humanity & our families…

Why the Mainstream Media is Censoring Thousands of Doctors & Scientists

CNN is a vicious PSYOP!! They are non-stop all-out virus fear propaganda!!

People all over the world are waking up & the "official" lies are unraveling... but here in the U.S., the psychological TORTURE & ABUSE rages on via the mainstream media & fake "fact" checkers who are funded by Big Pharma, Bill Gates & surveillance state Techno-Fascists who are destroying this country & enslaving our population!!

They have devastated our economy, looted the Treasury & have caused unprecedented suicide, depression, drug abuse & overdose rates. Our families have been torn apart & our CHILDREN are being psychologically abused by all of this!!!

This is an attack on our country, on our families!! These are Crimes Against Humanity!!

The reason why the media is discrediting thousands of scientists & Doctors worldwide and censoring & suppressing several effective COVID treatments is because there is an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) law that says they can't move forward on their "vaccine" agenda if there are other effective treatments. (see EUA Guidance docs here)

EUA laws also require evidence of life-threatening conditions to a significant percentage of the population to warrant a "National Security" threat.

This is also why Big Pharma funded rigged studies discrediting any treatments that they cannot cash in on or don't fit in with their wider agenda. Other than the various effective HCQ & zinc combinations, antibody blood plasma is another effective & inexpensive treatment, which can be very effectively scaled, that is also corruptly suppressed.

Doctors ALL OVER THE WORLD have come up with effective treatments!

The reason why positive tests have increased so much throughout the U.S. is because the testing process is rigged!!

The reason why we have more deaths than in other countries is because cash-strapped, underfunded hospitals have been incentivized / paid off – with taxpayer money no less – to record as many "COVID" deaths as possible.

Even worse than all that, hospitals have been significantly incentivized to put patients on ventilators, which is KILLING THEM!!

The obscene EVIL must be stopped NOW.

This virus is being exploited to implement the most oppressive economic, "health" and surveillance system ever!!

The most powerful & corrupt forces in Big Pharma, Big Tech / Media & the Surveillance State represent a Techno-Fascist attack on our country, on our families!

I have spent my entire career, over two decades, reporting on political & economic corruption, which has been ultimately focused on exposing mainstream media propaganda.

Whether it was all the lies regarding the Iraq War & the War on Terror overall, the trillions of dollars in unaccounted for military spending, the trillions of dollars in financial fraud, the looting of the Treasury via "bailouts" & Federal Reserve operations… the deliberate economic policies which oppress 99% of the population & enrich the global elite at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers, the capturing of governmental agencies by the predatory global interests that they are supposed to be protecting us from, the system of political bribery that has led to the utter corruption of both political parties... the list is long & horrific…

However, I have never witnessed anything as EVIL as what is unfolding right now. We are being systematically led to slow motion incremental slaughter.

As the election quickly approaches, as severe economic desperation spreads at an unprecedented in American history rate & scale, as nefarious techno-fascist interests stoke / incite division, looting & violence throughout our country, as virus propaganda continues to spread, a significant percentage of our population will soon be begging for authoritarian order. People will line up for their surveillance state "vaccines."

We are trapped in a dystopian PSYOP. The economy has been destroyed. The Treasury has been looted. Make no mistake, all hyperbole aside, this is WWIII & we are occupied by NAZI forces - we are confronted with the evolution fascism.

Time is not our side. The hour is late!

The window of opportunity to effectively fight back via non-violent methods is quickly closing. Do whatever you can do to organize with your community, spread awareness & defend your family.

In closing… some comedic relief…

As you can tell from my posts, life has been wickedly intense lately... but last night I was pleasantly surprised to jump on to social feeds & see an inspiring flood of memes calling out Bill Gates. We quickly gathered up 25 & featured them in this post.

It was all fun & laughs, as approx 50 other funny memes were posted in the comment section. Then, when I woke up this morning, for the very first time there was a “fact-check” label over one of my posts.

Oh no! They finally found something they could bust me on!

Over one of the obviously fake & comedic memes, there was a “false information” alert with a link going to the original corrected & factually accurate image.

Yes, the Fact Police busted us… I guess we now have to admit that Bill Gates didn’t really hold up this sign… and his dog can’t talk either… ah, you know me, always spreading that highly deceptive info.

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