Joe Rogan & Dr. Joseph Varon Ignite Ivermectin Awareness

Bombshell report on the mainstream media’s cover-up of effective non-patented treatments, which has led to over one million unnecessary deaths.

As reported in Monday’s email, awareness of Ivermectin’s well-proven life-saving pandemic-ending abilities is breaking through the Iron Curtain of criminal censorship and gaining solid momentum. We are quickly approaching a critical mass tipping point!

Joe Rogan has now joined #TeamLifeSaving by doing his first-ever “emergency podcast” featuring an interview with Dr. Pierre Kory and Bret Weinstein.

((( Listen to it here )))

As awesome as that is, in even bigger news, the mainstream media’s famous “COVID Hunter” Dr. Joseph Varon is now blowing the whistle on the media’s cover-up of effective non-patented treatments, which has led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and well over a million preventable deaths worldwide.

Dr. Joseph Varon Blows Whistle on Media Cover-Up of Effective Non-Patented Treatments and Many Unnecessary Deaths

This video is a bombshell report from Ivory Hecker, a courageous reporter who was banned from covering this story on FOX News.

As she summed it up:

“The death rate from COVID-19 is dramatically low at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas compared to other hospitals across the nation and the world. Despite Dr. Joseph Varon's popularity on TV, news personalities avoid questions of why he's having success treating his patients. As it turns out, he's using drugs the WHO and CDC recommend against.”

Watch her full 17-minute report on BitChute here.

I also edited it down to 5-minutes and posted it to Facebook here.

Let’s see how long it stays up before I’m banned yet again. If I get banned for this, it is worth it. This is a vital life-saving MUST SEE INTERVIEW.

Here are excerpts from the transcript:

"Pursuing Truth In COVID Drug Treatment Amid A Censored Media Landscape

Ivory Hecker, (IH): “This is one of the stories that FOX News banned me from covering.”

“You’ve seen him on countless major news outlets. The renowned lung and emergency medicine doctor referred to as the ‘COVID Hunter.’ Dr. Joseph Varon is a man who worked more than 400 days straight on a quest against the most frightening virus of our lifetime. The media has watched his work closely, from local to national and international outlets.”

“How many interviews have you [Dr. Joseph Varon] conducted with the media over pandemic?”

Dr. Varon, (DV): “With this one it is 1640, since March 19 of last year.”

IH: “But almost every outlet has failed to note the dramatic difference in the COVID-19 death rate between Dr. Varon’s patients and those at other hospitals across the nation and around the world…. According to the numbers, Dr. Vernon is saving a lot more lives.”

DV: “We have implemented a series of treatment methods that have a very good success rate.” ….

IH: “What is he doing differently? Varon says most journalists didn’t want to ask.”

DV: “Everyone else came in and they saw how it worked, but nobody wanted to get into it.”

IH: “And if reporters did ask, the answer didn’t make it on air.”

DV: “I have a lot of newspeople that are my friends, so a lot of them do tell me that when they talk to their producers or whatever, they say, ‘let’s not get into that one.’” ….

IH: “[Varon used] treatment methods that the World Health Organization and CDC warn against.”….

DV: “Ivermectin. We actually showed that the combination of the MATH+ protocol including Ivermectin was having fantastic success for our patients.” ….

IH: “You have peer-reviewed research on this?”

DV: Yes, correct… there is a study that looked at all the available evidence and everything favored the use of Ivermectin.” ….

IH: “At the same time, Varon faced scorn in his industry.”

DV: “As a clinician who is trying to save lives, it is annoying. We are trying to help people.”

IH: “He kept using Ivermectin… and avoiding ventilators like the plague.” ….

“The news coverage of [Dr. Varon’s hospital] continued as the media avoided talking about Dr. Varon’s life-saving treatment methods to cover the angles that fit their narratives.”

DV: “There is no reason for people to die. We have options for patients. We just need to make those options available.”

IH: “Dr. Varon was a principle investigator in the recent peer-reviewed research that looks at Ivermectin in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19 published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.” ….

“How many [mainstream journalists] are asking about any of it?” 

DV: “No one.” ….

IH: “Dr. Pierre Kory led the research on Ivermectin co-authored by Dr. Varon and others.” ….

DV: “Dr. Pierre Kory went in front of Senate to fight for this, and even his testimony in front of Senate was brought down from YouTube.” ….

IH: “Tell me about what happened with your peer-reviewed research when you put it on Facebook.”

DV: “I was put in Facebook jail.  Every time I use the word ‘Ivermectin’ I go to Facebook jail.” ….

IH: “You [Dr. Kory] put out this peer-reviewed research…. How much coverage did it get?”

Dr. Pierre Kory, (PK): “There’s certainly been a rash of news reports around the world. Exactly zero in the United States.”

“The United States is in a media lockdown.”

IH: “Have you [Dr. Varon] been in an interview with one of these [corporate media] outlets and mentioned Ivermectin of your own will, or do you let them ask about it?”

DV: “Oh, I mention it. Oh yes, but then when the report comes out Ivermectin is not mentioned. You know how these guys edit the facts.”

IH: “But peer-reviewed research shows it is saving lives.”

DV: “Correct.”

IH: “So if this word got out, would more lives be saved?”

DV: “Absolutely! There is no question about it.”

“How can you get the word out if I have not be able to do it in 1600 plus interviews?”

IH: “Have any reporters told you they were banned from covering these COVID treatments?”.

DV: “I was told that not once but multiple times.”

IH: “Really, which outlets?”

DV: “I cannot tell you, because if I tell you, then, haha, yeah, but several.” ….

“I totally believe what we are dealing with here are economic interests.  Throughout the world Ivermectin is anywhere between $3 and $10. Remdesivir is $2000 - $6000.”

IH: “Back at United Memorial Medical Center [Dr. Varon’s hospital] the pressure is mounting with two recent visits from Texas Health and Human Services.”

DV: “We had an unexpected visit by the state. The state came in to inquiry about the media.  They came and said, ‘Hey, we hear that you are using a medication that starts with an ‘I.’”  

IH: “Hospital staff said the state ordered the hospital to stop allowing the media in.”

“But that is not stopping him.  He has translated the MATH+ protocol into 23  different languages. He is conducting lectures educating other doctors around the world.”

“Up next, he is joining forces with the nation of India to defy World Health Organization guidelines yet again.”

DV: “I respect the fact that they [India] say, “WHO, thank you but we are going to do whatever it takes to save lives.”

IH: “It’s also worth noting that had there been an existing known safe and effective treatment for COVID-19, the Emergency Use Authorization of a vaccine for the virus would be prohibited by law.”

“Could that have been part of the motivation for the strange censorship of certain COVID-19 treatments that we witnessed over the past year at news and social media corporations?”

“I would like to know.”

“I would also like to know why so few journalists seem to report on what is happening on the human level, opting instead to report what a bureaucrat tells them.”

“Today, I send courage to corporate journalists everywhere; to ask the tough questions, seek the truth and demand that their corporate bosses publish the truth.”

Much Respect & Gratitude to Ivory Hecker for this powerful report ✊🙏❤️

Help keep the momentum building toward a critical mass tipping point!

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