This is a classic case of not putting accountability where it is deserved. The people working for government (not just the CIA) are actually working to exterminate their families, friends and even themselves. They are working for a criminal syndicate. Not asking ask questions, (like the people who took the jab) means they are happy to go on in ignore-ance and now everyone's life is at stake. We must not make excuses for them - they are working for the syndicate that wants to extinguish the population and control everything else that survives. It is always "the people" who do it - the ghouls of the syndicate don't ever get their hands dirty. They simply prosper by knowing the people will do it because the people believe in laws and voting (even though the people will obey anyone they see on tv) Transference of accountability is one big reason we are in this mess.

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I don't for a second believe that any significant portion of Intel employees are Constitutional patriots. The public at-large is mostly brainwashed, moreso university students and those credentials are required to even consider such a career. Those agencies are certainly going to select for leftists, because Federal guidelines require this, additionally, an agency wants to protect itself from internal threats. Furthermore, new hires will receive many hours of federal programming.

There is NOTHING good coming from federal Intel agencies.


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The faith you're placing on "white hats"/good guys working inside the Pentagon and/or CIA, may well be misplaced. Spies lie to people and manipulate people for a living. Journalists often find that their "sources" are actually using THEM - as "assets".

Anyways, it's a familiar theme in PSYOPS, like "NESARA" and "Qanon". Somewhere deep within the bowels of the Pentagon are a bunch of "white hats" - patiently waiting, keeping their powder dry - but guaranteed to save the day for us, at just the right moment.

My advice - don't expect-, or plan for-, any cavalry coming to your rescue - and you won't wind up being surprised (except in a positive way) or disappointed.

The best research behind "Qanon" was done in the 1990's, by people like Danny Casolaro, Alex Constantine, Mike Ruppert, etc - but without the obvious rightwinger slant. The idea that the folks behind Col. Michael Aquino, John Alexander and The Presidio Scandal - were going to "save the children"...was always just a bad joke.

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"The five secret societies in the Round Table Cabal, that’s where the action is at, real tip of spear."

Did I miss where you named them?

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Call Out Crimes Against Humanity and Collusion

Let’s imagine that there is an explanation for everything.

Now that it is clear that the “vaccines” were both ineffective and dangerous, and contain dubious elements like self-assembling nano machines and other nefarious elements, that hospitals were paid extra to blame deaths on cover 19 to amplify the “pandemic”, that the social media was encouraged to censor by the government, that the media would only print the government story, the story of The Who and the CDC, the word of Fauci, that almost all governments promoted the orthodoxy of the controllers, not to mention their extensive bioweapon laboratories, and their creation of deadly viruses, one can say that they are all guilty of collusion and that the main perpetrators, Bill Gates, et.al are guilty of mass murder.

A gigantic web of deceit was perpetrated by the nazi/eugenicists at the top and continue to this day with organizations like NATO and the N. American Empire , its client states, the CIA, FDA, FBI and other sectors of the American government and most institutions funded by Bill Gates. The degree, the depth and breadth of criminality is staggering and beyond most people’s comprehension.

The criminals are still at large and in power.

Meanwhile Zuckerberg, the great data thief and in collusion with the CIA and its spying apparatus, along with his “fact checkers” and censorship, is spending billions on his metaverse which is taking gaming to the next level. Gaming is already an addiction for a large percent of the population. The most popular websites on the internet are gaming. But what is gaming really all about? Is it not the ultimate distraction? While these hideous and monumental crimes are taking place, multitudes are engaged in playing digital games. There is a treacly perversity about it all.

There is much being left out here. The constant undermining of “democratic” governments with their coups as recently happened in Peru and before in Venezuela, and the Ukraine, to name a few which goes way back as a tactic for world domination to Iran with the Shah, Chile with Pinochet, again to name a few. These are egregious crimes against humanity that these criminals we call “controllers” get away with total impunity, not to mention their bombing of defenseless nations and the hideous militarism that threatens everyone, forcing billions to live lives with an ever present sense of foreboding, like experienced by Palestinians in refugee camps.

When injustices occur and no one responds, that is, would rather play digital games, or believe in propaganda, we get massive criminality on an unheard of scale. Whistleblowers go to jail. Truth speakers are ridiculed, dismissed, and character assassinated or physically assassinated. If you believe that the Wild West was savage, it was child’s play compared to what humanity has had to endure for the last century and now this one.

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JFK's Secretary of State was Dean Rusk, not John Foster Dulles. Dean Rusk was a political advocate for Lyndon Johnson and praised Johnson's assumption of the presidency on November 22, 1963, after Kennedy's assassination.

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John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State under Truman, and maybe Eisenhower.

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