Dear Dr David, Thank you for your help. I’m not easily pushed one way or the other and in fortunately I took the first Moderna vaccine and am very unhappy and very concerned about a serious feeling of personality change that I feel it is somehow making me unhappy and a bit too much. I’ve even had professionals tell me I look at life through rose colored glasses so imagine feel a personality change that I fight to get rid of, thank God almighty I have a beautiful positive upbringing with both parents filled with love and positive, happy out looks for life.

So, I believe I’m sensing something that may be being overlooked by all medical Dr. even saw three Drs from Bastet Seattle at one time. The did answer a reason for a serve problem I’m suffering from a seriously injured painful damage to my injected stem They feel, collectively the person nicked my nerve leaving me with limited range of motion and substantial limitations.

My regular new Dr through Virgin Mason, simply said my arm problem was because U had inflammation in my shoulder. I replied I am 71 years old in perfect health and never had inflammation in my body before!!! The over all effect on my 45 year feeling body is a feelings of creeping stiffness

and little weird feelings still from

Weakness and bad attitude trying to infiltrate my heart and mind. I will not get second shot ever!!!!

Thank you for your help!!


Alice Johnson

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